Revival Prayer for America


Each in your own words. Each in your own way.

For a world united in peace; let us bow our heads and our hearts and pray:

Heavenly  Father, Creator of the Universe, our Climate, and all Seasons.

Thank you for Your mercy and your blessings on each of us and our nation.

Once again we're "Falling" into another Season of "Climate Change". 

By the end of the month, clocks will be "Falling Back", leaves will be changing and "Falling" and temperatures will be "Falling".

Thank You for reminding us that You never change. You are always with us, and You are in control. 

Also, at the end of the month, many celebrate a time for holiday decorations. Even scarier, visible, and invisible masks are worn by so many with devious and destructive intentions towards our beloved country.

More than ever, Father, we need Your Wisdom, Guidance, Grace, and Protection for each of us and our families; but also for our military, emergency, medical, police and law enforcement and their families, as well as teachers and local, state and federal legislators and their families. In addition to our prayer, help us do our part to sustain and maintain our blessed America.

We are grateful for each person reading this prayer. You know our hearts, our needs, our cares, and our burdens. Help us always encourage each other. Be patient with each other and treasure our friendships.

Thank You for hearing and answering our prayers.

In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.

Marilyn Sawaya, Associate